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Wirtmann EngineeringSp. z o.o. is engaged in the design and project management in field of sanitary, electrical and telecommunication installations means wider range of M&E  (Mechanical and Electrical). The designing team consists MEP designers working in different fields.

We offer designing, among others, in the following areas:

  •     cable installation of internal and external areas
  •     basic lighting (internal and external), evacuation, emergency
  •     power distribution systems: MV switchgear, LV, transformers, generators, UPS
  •     systems of cable channels office etc,
  •     lightning protection, grounding connections compensation
  •     lighting controls - eg. KNX, DALI
  •     security systems: sound evacuation systems (EVACS), fire alarm systems (FAS), very early smoke detection  systems, CO detection, detection of hazardous gases (NH4, H2S)
  •     telecommunication systems: structured cabling, intercom and intercom systems, access control (ACS), VSS (CCTV) , intruder control (IDS), detection of moisture
  •     protection systems in server rooms/data centers
  •     systems to improve the acoustic environment - sound masking system

  •  mechanical ventilation systems (household appliances, fire), air conditioning systems (including precision eg. in server rooms), heating with boiler projects and nodes and the installation of sanitary facilities,
  •     smoke simulation (CFD)
  •     fire protection system (hydrants / sprinklers / gas extinguishing)

We carry out concepts, permit building designs, execution designs, verification of documentation of third-party, audits made objects. We cater to the needs of surveying the preparation of maps for design purposes when handling and documentation of as-built construction.

The policy liability insurance business: 3,000,000 PLN

This offer is informative, eager to meet with you to discuss the details of cooperation.


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